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Yesterday, September 28th 2021 there were 3,212 scheduled court prosecutions for the offence of "use of a TV without an licence". The day before there were over 3,000 prosecutions. In 2019, there were 122,603 prosecutions and 114,531 convictions for TV Licence evasion.

There is a maximum fine of £1,000 for this offence but typically a lot less for first time offenders. The offence also comes with a criminal record recorded by the police which can seriously affect some apsects of life such as insurance, credit scores, DBS checks.

A review of decriminalising the offence declined to change the status earlier this year.

The annual cost of a TV licence is £157.50 and in 2019 accounted for 76% of income to the BBC.

Statistics from 2019 showed that 72% of offenders were women. In fact tv licence offences account for one third of all women prosecutions.

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